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Over 250M people using SkyDrive

It’s been a very busy year for SkyDrive and we’d like to thank all of you for helping us improve the service through your feedback, tweets, Facebook posts, and comments. The service continues to grow: since October 2012 when Windows 8 launched, 50 million more people have started using SkyDrive, helping us reach an important milestone – over 250 million people are now using SkyDrive as the new place to save their files.

In just the past few months we’ve made SkyDrive the default save location for the new Office, updated the SkyDrive app for iOS, and made substantial performance improvements to SkyDrive uploading. Recently, we also announced that Microsoft accounts have grown to 700 million, that we’ve improved the security of our service with things like two-step verification, and that we now have Extended Validation Certificates integrated on SkyDrive.com. And a few days ago, our friends over at Outlook.com announced that they’re rolling out a new feature that allows you to insert anything from your SkyDrive directly into an email message. We continue to push forward to a world where all your stuff is in SkyDrive, so you can always have it with you.

We’ve put together an infographic to highlight this milestone.


Thank you to the first 250 million, and onwards to a billion! We look forward to bringing you even more awesome features in the future.

Omar Shahine, Group Program Manager, SkyDrive.com
Mike Torres, Group Program Manager, SkyDrive apps

Editor’s note: We updated the above image after publication.

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