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A billion Office documents on SkyDrive, now with easier collaboration

Last week Office 365 Home Premium launched and we’ve seen a lot of enthusiasm over the seamless integration of SkyDrive for saving and sharing your docs. Recently we reached a big milestone; our customers are now storing over a billion Office documents on SkyDrive! We’re really excited about the feedback we’ve seen around the new version of Office and the deep integration of SkyDrive. We’re taking it a step further today by announcing a new feature in SkyDrive and the Office Web Apps that allows a more seamless sharing and editing experience for our customers.
This post was written by Sarah Filman, a Lead Program Manager on SkyDrive who helped bring this new editing feature to SkyDrive.
– Omar Shahine

For those of you who have tried the new Office, you’ll know we made it easy to quickly save your documents to SkyDrive and get a link to share with others—earlier today we made it even easier for people to share and edit documents in the Office Web Apps by not requiring them to sign in with their Microsoft account.


With an edit link, all recipients can edit your document—even at the same time. One piece of feedback we’ve consistently heard, especially from students, is that our current SkyDrive edit links can be frustrating for recipients when they find that they need to sign in or sign up for a Microsoft account just to make a quick edit to the document.


Recipients can now go from clicking your link to editing in a snap AND you can share with confidence that they will definitely be able to view and edit your document.


With edit links, all people who receive your link will be able to edit the document. If you’d like more control over exactly who can access your document, we recommend inviting specific people via their email addresses and checking the “Require user to sign-in” check box.

We hope that these changes will help make sharing and collaborating with others a quicker and more seamless experience. Happy sharing!

Sarah Filman

Lead Program Manager SkyDrive.com

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